C-Pen Reader

C-Pen Reader

The C-Pen Reader arrived at the Dyslexia Box office this morning. It’s a product we’ve been aware of for a while and one which is predominantly thought of as a tool for helping younger learners who struggle with reading. And it is great at that. At Dyslexia Box we also see the C-Pen Reader as being a useful tool to help individuals in the workplace - in fact we know many people who use it daily in their working lives. If most of your work is done at a computer, there are some great text-to-speech programmes available (ClaroRead and Read&Write for example) but not everyone uses a computer at work - and sometimes assistive technology can forget these people. The C-Pen Reader is a truly accessible text reader for use on a building site, in a supermarket, in meetings, exhibitions, or even reading a newspaper in a cafe.

 Here are some of the C-Pen Readers’ keys features:

  • Excellent text-to-speech function - have any text read aloud by what is the clearest speech engine on the market.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engine - scan text which is saved onto the pen top be saved onto a computer later.
  • Collins English Dictionary with definitions which can be read aloud.
  • Portable and lightweight (it’s half the size of other scanning pens).
  • It’s discreet - The C-Pen Reader comes with a pair of earphones which means that if you are having text read out aloud, those around don’t need to know.

The C-Pen Reader is a great piece of technology which makes text accessible for people of all ages.


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