'Things it's ok to ask for when you have ADHD'


Guest Webinar


The following guest webinar was created and presented by Ellie Middleton, Head of Community at Neuropool, Personal Brand Manager at Great Influence, prominent Neurodiversity advocate and a LinkedIn sensation.

Last year, Ellie was assessed with ADHD and has since discovered that she also has Autism. After going viral on LinkedIn and being a strong advocate for neurodiversity, she has now built an incredible community of over 20,000 like-minded people.

'Things it's ok to ask for when you have ADHD'

In this webinar, Ellie discusses some common barriers that people with ADHD can face in day-to-day life - such as auditory processing, written language, memory, organisation and concentration - and provides helpful solutions to tackle each of these barriers. She then discusses what Access to Work (AtW) is and walks through the AtW process step-by-step.


"It's not dramatic to say that it's [the ADHD assessment] honestly changed my life"


We are extremely excited to have teamed up with Ellie Middleton to bring you this brand new webinar.

In October 2021, Ellie was assessed with ADHD and she is also currently waiting on an Autism assessment. After going viral on LinkedIn and learning of her neurodivergent brain, she has been an amazingly vocal neurodiversity advocate and has built a strong community of over 20,000 people with her ADHD hacks, inspirational stories and general vunerablity that she shares with her audience.


Below, you can find the timing breakdown of the topics that Ellie discusses in her webinar:

00:00 - Welcome
00:39 - Introducing: Ellie & Her ADHD Brain
04:08 - So... give me some tips!
06:42 - The Barrier: Auditory Processing
07:50 - The Solutions?
08:58 - The Barrier: Written Language
09:35 - The Solutions?
10:23 - The Barrier: Memory & Organisation
10:50 - The Solutions?
15:07 - The Barrier: Concentration
16:18 - The Solutions?
21:08 - What is Access to Work?
21:42 - The Process
23:51 - Thank you!


Watch Ellie's full webinar on YouTube

Presented by Ellie Middleton, Head of Community at Neuropool and Personal Brand Manager at Great Influence.

If you would like to find out more about Access to Work and Dyslexia Box's services then contact our team.

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