Medincle Comes to Dyslexia Box


Medincle Comes to Dyslexia Box

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added the award winning Medincle to our range of assistive technology software.


What is Medincle Spellchecker?

Medincle is a simple, uninstructive spellchecking tool which recognises medical terminology that standard word processors do not.

Trying to spell a word like benserazide in Microsoft Word could be a bit of a struggle, but with Medincle you don’t need to give it a second thought.

Medincle is an essential tool for all healthcare professionals and healthcare students. Medincle is available to buy online today and through our Access to Work provision.

Medincle AT Complete

What is Medincle AT Complete?

Medincle AT Complete is the single solution which works with all of the most popular assistive technology.

Not only does it come with the spellchecking function mentioned above, it will also allow you to dictate complex medical words using Dragon and work alongside other popular assistive technology such as TextHelp Read&Write. Medincle AT Complete is compatible with the following:


TextHelp Read&Write





Medincle AT Complete is ideal if you are in receipt of an Access to Work grant and have a number of assistive technology software packages on your computer.

What are people saying about Medincle?

I've just given it a go, and I have to say I'm very impressed with how accurate it is. I haven't managed to catch it out yet and will have to try very hard not to spend the next few hours attempting to do so!

I will say that I think it would be invaluable for any professional/student using medical terminology.


Kerry Pace

Diverse Learners

I found this software really, REALLY, useful - it has pretty much halved the time for me to make revision notes!


Medical Student

Cardiff University

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