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On Tuesday 23rd November 2021, Dyslexia Box hosted the free live webinar event 'Neurodiversity in the Corporate World: Untapped Talent, Employee Retention and Success'.


We were joined by:




Whether you couldn't make the live event or you'd just like a refresh of the day, you can find the recordings of each of the sessions below:


'Being neurodivergent in a neurotypical workplace: Tales of exclusion and models of inclusive practice'

Presented by Dr Deborah Leveroy
Neurodiversity & Inclusion Lead at Dyslexia Box

After our host Arran Smith gave our attendees a warm welcome and introduction, Dr Deborah Leveroy led the first session of the day using practical explanations and theoretical examples of inclusion. You can watch Deborah's full talk in the video above.


Here is some of our viewer feedback:


"Its a great balance of real world and theoretical explanation."


"This is very useful and great to offer practical strategies. I wish I'd had this understanding when I became a manager of an existing team."


"Thanks, that has helped me as a line manager of people who are neurodivergent."


"This has been so eye opening to learn more about the vast range of symptoms. Thank you."

'Recruitment and Building Neurodiverse Talent Pools'

Presented by Jack Dyrhauge
Founder & CEO of Neuropool

Joined by Laura Bell
Founder & Director of Neurovation

The second session of the day was led by Jack Dyrhauge and Laura Bell. Jack discussed Neuropool's goals for raising awareness of neurodiverse talent and Laura focused on Neurovation's journey towards neurodiversity inclusion. You can watch Jack and Laura's talks in the video above.


Here is some of our viewer feedback:


"Great answer re the roles best suited to people who are neurodiverse."


"Fabulous presentations all round!"


"It's so good to see how different (and better) workplaces can be with empathy and great support."


"Thanks Laura and Jack, that was really insightful."

'Great minds think differently – Empowering neurodiverse talent in your business'

Presented by Danielle Kingdon
Partner at Osborne Clark Law Firm

After the lunch break we were joined by Danielle Kingdon for her talk. Danielle's session followed a Q&A format assisted by our host Arran Smith and focused on the legal perspective of neurodiverse empoyees' rights. You can watch Danielle's talk in the video above.


Here is some of our viewer feedback:


"Thank you for this insightful Q&A."


"Excellent presentation from Danielle, many thanks."


"It has been very interesting to hear about the legal perspective of these topics."


"Great discussion, thank you Danielle and Arran."

'Changing Perceptions about Dyslexia'

Presented by Elliott C Morrison
Business Manager & Co-Neurodiversity Lead at HSBC UK

Elliott Morrison led our penultimate session of the day. He discussed challenging stigma and presented videos from HSBC employees about their experiences with neurodiversity. You can watch Elliott's talk in the video above.


Here is some of our viewer feedback:


"It's so refreshing to hear the openness about how stigma may impact people. Thank you."


"Well done Elliott. Really good presentation!"


"Love this discussion! I work in the construction sector and there needs to be more around this."



"Amazing content Elliott."

'Creating a Culture of Dyslexia Inclusion'

Presented by Gamiel Yafai
Managing Director at Diversity Marketplace

The final session was led by Gamiel Yafai. Gamiel used 'Mentimeter' to create an interactive session which enabled attendees to include their own views in the discussion. You can watch Gamiel's talk in the video above.


Here is some of our viewer feedback:


"It has been great to also see the views of people watching Gamiel's talk!"


"Thank you. I have learned so much!"


"This is fascinating."


"Great interactive session Gamiel, it has been wonderful to be involved with the discussion."

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Once again, thank you to everyone who registered or attended our webinar event, and a very special thank you to each of our speakers for producing such informative talks and interesting discussions.

If you would like to find out more about our services then contact our team.

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