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Livescribe Echo Smartpen 0

The Livescribe Echo smartpen has been around for a few years now but as they say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. The team at Dyslexia Box have been using the Echo Smartpen to record important meetings (yes we occasionally have those) over the past few years and we love it. In what can sometimes feel like a marketplace overloaded with products which often do the same thing, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen is unique and still retains a its “wow-factor”. I’ll talk about all the great note-taking features in a minute, but first, and most importantly, here’s how to use your Echo Smartpen to play the piano: 


If you are using your Livescribe Smartpen in the workplace we would advise keeping the piano playing to a minimum. From experience, once in the morning and all through lunchtime seems to work best.

If you’d like to send your own Livescribe Echo Smartpen piano videos to we’ll post the best ones here on the site.

Once you’ve finished playing around with the piano feature, you may want to start using the Echo Smartpen for what it was intended for: a unique note-taking device.

Here are some of the Livescribe Echo Smartpen’s best features:

  • Record the audio from your meeting/conversation, making notes as you go, and by tapping your Echo Smartpen on a specific note, the Smartpen will start playing aloud the audio from that moment. Ever sat through a boring meeting where for the first two hours all everyone’s going on about is nonsense (everyone has) and then all of a sudden someone says something interesting and you make of note of it? Well with the Livescribe Echo Smartpen you can cut through the nonsense and only play back the interesting moments, just by touching your Smartpen on the note you made. Sounds simple? It really is.
  • Transfer all of your notes and audio onto your computer (with the USB cable included in the box) with Livescribe Desktop software (also there in the box) to manage all of your notes and audio in a really simple way. Need to find those notes you made from that meeting you had about the possible extinction of jellyfish in the British Isles in 1965? They’re right there; all you have to do is type “jellyfish” into the search box (legal exclaimer: Livescribe’s technology hadn’t actually been invented in 1965 and you’ll pleased to know that jellyfish have since thrived in these here waters).
  • Share notes and audio uploaded on your Livescribe Desktop software as a PDF or audio file. This is really useful to get notes over to someone who hasn’t made any or couldn’t make the meeting. You can even send them the whole audio of the meeting (no longer can your colleagues use the excuse, “Sorry, I wasn’t in the meeting”).

We love the Livescribe Echo Smartpen at Dyslexia Box, as it makes note-taking truly accessible for everyone.

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