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TextHelp Read&Write Review

TextHelp Read&Write Review 0

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TextHelp’s Read&Write software is a literacy support tool designed to make the web, files and everyday documents you have on your computer more accessible. At Dyslexia Box we see it being especially useful for anyone with a learning difficulty such as dyslexia or a visual impairment and anyone learning English or learning English as a second language.

Read&Write is a toolbar which sits on top of the programs you are using on your computer, tablet or smartphone. So whether you’re writing a document in Microsoft Word, composing an email in Apple Mail or browsing the internet with Google Chrome, it sits discreetly at the top of the screen, ready for you to use any of its features.

What does it do?

Although Read&Write is primarily known as a screen reader, it’s packed full of other features such as a comprehensive and easy-to-use spellchecker (with pictures to guide the user), text prediction, learning and understanding unfamiliar words, coloured screen overlays, summary highlighters, proof-reader and lots more. It’s also approved by the UK governing bodies to be used in GCSE and A Level exams.

Who is it for?

Read&Write isn’t age specific. It’s been built in such a way that people of all ages can get to grips with it in minutes and it will become a part of everyday life. At Dyslexia Box we’re familiar with users in infant school as young as five and six who have began using Read&Write shortly after using a computer for the first time. At the other end of the scale we know office workers in their sixties who struggle to read their computer screen and use the text reading function to have their emails read aloud to them.


The latest version of Read&Write is certainly the most accessible as far as using it across multiple devices and cross-platform. So often now people are using Windows computers at school, university or work and then coming home and using a Mac or a Chromebook. Now that’s not a problem. If you own a Read&Write licence, you can use it on any of your devices, no matter if it was made by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Sergey Brin. So if you use a Mac at school/work and then get home and use a Windows or Apple tablet, no problem, Read&Write will will work on all of them.

Read & Write for Dyslexia


Read&Write is used by millions of people all around the world (Over 8.5 million at the last count!). It helps people through their younger school years, through university (we’ve lost count the amount of times people have told us they wouldn’t have got through university without it!), understanding what their boss is asking them in an email at work (apparently that’s important too!) and lots of other areas of life. Along with Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it’s the most widely recognised piece of assistive technology software in the world and there’s a reason for that. Read&Write is the benchmark of literacy support software and it has been for many years. The latest cross-platform licensing developments only make it even better. We don’t rate assistive technology software out of 10 but if we did, this would get full marks.

To buy Read&Write today, click here.

C-Pen Reader

C-Pen Reader 0

The C-Pen Reader arrived at the Dyslexia Box office this morning. It’s a product we’ve been aware of for a while and one which is predominantly thought of as a tool for helping younger learners who struggle with reading. And it is great at that.


At Dyslexia Box we also see the C-Pen Reader as being a useful tool to help individuals in the workplace - in fact we know many people who use it daily in their working lives. If most of your work is done at a computer, there are some great text-to-speech programmes available (ClaroRead and Read&Write for example) but not everyone uses a computer at work - and sometimes assistive technology can forget these people.


The C-Pen Reader is a truly accessible text reader for use on a building site, in a supermarket, in meetings, exhibitions, or even reading a newspaper in a cafe.

 Here are some of the C-Pen Readers’ keys features:

  • Excellent text-to-speech function - have any text read aloud by what is the clearest speech engine on the market.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engine - scan text which is saved onto the pen top be saved onto a computer later.
  • Collins English Dictionary with definitions which can be read aloud.
  • Portable and lightweight (it’s half the size of other scanning pens).
  • It’s discreet - The C-Pen Reader comes with a pair of earphones which means that if you are having text read out aloud, those around don’t need to know.


The C-Pen Reader is a great piece of technology which makes text accessible for people of all ages.


Buy the new C-Pen Reader todayhttps://dyslexiabox.co.uk/collections/reading-pens/products/c-pen-reader