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Access to Work

Assistive Technology in the Workplace

An Access to Work grant, made available by the government, can help you pay for support if you have a disability, health or mental health condition. The grant can be used to help you start work, stay in work or become self employed and start your own business. At Dyslexia Box we’re here to provide the best advice, products and support if you are in receipt of Access to Work funding.

The team at Dyslexia Box have many years experience working with the government's Access to Work process framework. We understand the process can sometimes seem a little daunting, if this is your first time, and we’re here to help. We’re also here to help large organisations, who may have many employees going through or about to go through the process. We can work with you to streamline your procurement procedure so that your employees have all of their recommendations as quickly as possible.

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Our Services:

Identify - we really appreciate the great job and dedication the ATW assessors all over the UK provide. We feel they’re the often the forgotten party in the process. At Dyslexia Box we look to work with and support, in any way we can, the great job the needs assessors do. Are you an ATW assessor and want to work more with Dyslexia Box - we’d love to hear from you!

Supply - once an assessor has made recommendations, we understand that actually buying the stuff can be a bit of a headache! Through many years of working in the assistive technology industry, we’ve put together what we believe is the best and most comprehensive range of AT around. DWP often name numerous suppliers on one recommendation letter. Sometimes that means as much as ten phone calls to different suppliers, ten purchase orders, ten payments, ten invoices. After all any one company can’t be expected to supply the wide-range of products and services that are likely to be recommend, can they? We can at Dyslexia Box. Our ethos is to be the ‘one-stop-shop’ Access to Work supplier. We are able to provide assistive technology software, hardware, desktop ergonomics, ergonomic chairs & desk, assistive technology software training, coaching, mentoring, Dragon & JAWS Scripting.

Implement - If you work for a large organisation you may be lucky enough to have IT and facilities teams who can install and implement your recommendations. If you don’t (or if you’re IT and facilities teams need a little assistance) we can help. Do you need to install Dragon across a network? No problem. Do you need your new ergonomic chair installed and set-up to your exact requirements? We’ve got it. Can’t get JAWS to work with Microsoft Excel? Just give us a call and we’ll have it working in minutes.

Training Services - Right, so your Read&Write software’s been installed, your Evoluent ergonomic mouse means there’s no longer pain in your wrist and your RH 400 chair means you’re now sat comfortably at your desk. We understand that most people will be using their recommendations for the first time and they will need to be trained how to use it. This is especially important with the software you may have been recommended. At Dyslexia Box we’ve scoured the land to put together the best team of assistive technology trainers, coaches and workplace strategy professionals around.

Success - This part is up to you. Now that you’ve received your recommendations, they’ve been installed and set-up, you’ve completed your training and coaching programme, your road to achievement and success begins.

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