Assistive Technology Training

What is Assistive Technology Training?

This specialist and technical training enables you to get the most out of your assistive technology, grow your confidence and give you the tools to maximise your productivity.

Why Dyslexia Box?

Our team of assistive technology trainers all have at least five years experience delivering sessions to users with a range of abilities.


Our trainers first gain an understanding of the users requirements and tailor sessions so that they can access the benefits of the technology and apply them to their job role.

We provide Assistive Technology Training on the following

  • Dragon Professional
  • TextHelp Read&Write
  • ClaroRead
  • MindView
  • Inspiration
  • Global AutoCorrect
  • Audio Notetaker
  • ZoomText
  • SuperNova
  • Orcam
  • Livescribe
  • Phonak range

Remote Assistive Technology Training

We can offer full remote assistive technology training conducted by our professional accredited trainers.


Enable those under self isolation to gain the benefits of tailored technical training.

Group Assistive Technology Training

If you have a group of people who want to learn a new piece of software, our group sessions represent the most cost effective way.


Ideal for organisations who have deployed Dragon software to large numbers of staff.

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