Disability Awareness Training

What is Disability Awareness Training?

Disability awareness training enables managers and staff to increase their understanding of the needs of colleagues and customers with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions.

Why Dyslexia Box?

Our accredited professional trainers have experience in disability, equality and inclusion. They deliver what can be a complex and daunting subject in clear, understandable and relatable terms.


Our sessions are delivered to groups of all sizes and are fun, interactive and informative.

What is covered in Disability Awareness Training?

  • What does disability mean?
  • Disclosing a disability
  • How might a disability affect a person’s work?
  • How to communicate with customers and employees who have disabilities
  • Barriers that people with disabilities face
  • What are reasonable adjustments and how to ensure you provide them
  • Legislation including The Disability Discrimination Act and he Equality Act
  • How to become Disability Confident

How is the session delivered?

A disability awareness training session typically lasts three hours and is delivered to a group of people at your place of work. The sessions are interactive, with group discussion encouraged.


Where bringing groups of people from different geographical areas together is difficult, we can deliver sessions remotely in a group webinar format.

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