Neurodiversity in the Corporate World:

Untapped Talent, Employee Retention and Success

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Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Free Event: Neurodiversity in the Corporate World


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Introduction, Welcome & Closing Questions

Arran Smith, Founder & CEO of the Dyslexia Show

Introduction: 09:50am - 10:00am
Close: 3:40pm - 4:00pm

Arran is the Founder and Event Director of the Dyslexia Show. Arran is also the Managing Director of the SEND Group, a non-executive Director at the British Dyslexia Association and works for Microsoft as their UK Dyslexia and SEND Consultant.


Arran classes himself as one of the 4% of the population that are severely dyslexic.

Being neurodivergent in a neurotypical workplace: Tales of exclusion and models of inclusive practice

Dr Deborah Leveroy, Neurodiversity & Inclusion Lead at Dyslexia Box

10:00am - 10:40am

Dr Deborah Leveroy is neurodiversity and inclusion lead at Dyslexia Box. For the past 12 years, she has been researching and working in the neurodiversity field. Previous roles include: strategy coach and workplace needs assessor for PAM occupational health, disability advisor for Remploy's BBC workplace adjustment contract, and study skills tutor for a number of DSA providers.


Deborah has a Ph.D. in dyslexia, drama, and inclusion from the University of Kent. The research explored the nature of reasonable adjustments in the context of performing arts training and industry. The research has been published by Routledge in several peer-reviewed journals. Most recently she has a chapter in Inclusivity and Equality in Performance Training: Teaching and Learning for Neuro and Physical Diversity. 


Deborah brings her diverse background in neurodiversity and creative practice to commercial contexts to create embodied and holistic workplace adjustments, and inclusive policy and practice.


Recruitment and Building Neurodiverse Talent Pools

Jack Dyrhauge, Founder & CEO of Neuropool

11:00am - 11:40am

Jack Dyrhauge is an Autistic and ADHD entrepreneur on a mission to change employment odds for neurodiverse job seekers and professionals. He is currently CEO at Neuropool who are building the largest pool of neurodiverse talent in the UK.

There are over 100,000 neurodiverse young adults turning 18 every year in the UK. A large percentage of these young adults are not entering employment due to a lack of innovation, training, and accessibility to career pathways or employment opportunities; Neuropool helps address this issue.

Neuropool helps clients become more accommodating to neurodiverse employees, increasing the quality of workforces by working closely with HR, recruitment and management teams. Bringing together academic institutions, neurodiverse candidates, and employers to improve traction and retention - most notably, employee experience.

Jack will be joined in his session by Laura Bell.

Laura Bell is a commercially minded, creative thinking, passionate and people-focused Neurodiversity specialist with an extensive background in HR, Psychology and Business. Laura firmly believes that all organisations need to become neurodiverse inclusive so upcoming generations are no longer disadvantaged when it comes to workplace opportunities.

Identifying as Neurodivergent herself, Laura founded Neurovation Ltd and also works for ADD-Vance Autism & ADHD Trust as a Neurodiversity Advisor on their Neurodiversity at Work pilot project. Along with her professional career, Laura was a board Trustee at Electric Umbrella for 4 years.

Lunch Break
11:40am - 1:00pm

Great minds think differently – Empowering neurodiverse talent in your business

Danielle Kingdon, Partner at Osborne Clark Law Firm

1:00pm - 1:40pm

Danielle has been specialising in Employment Law with Osborne Clarke since 1995. She is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion, with a particular interest in neurodiversity and helping businesses to recognise the talent that neurodivergent employees can offer and how best to adapt to capture and ensure the success of their neurodiverse population.


Danielle is a member of Osborne Clarke's Mind & Body Committee, leading the pillar dedicated to neurodiversity, and is also Osborne Clarke's Diversity Champion for Age, leading the campaign to ensure that, whatever your age, there are no barriers in the firm to having your most fulfilling career and, also, that there is support provided for all and any challenges faced at the various stages of those careers.

Changing Perceptions about Dyslexia

Elliott C Morrison, Business Manager & Co-Neurodiversity Lead at HSBC UK

2:00pm - 2:40pm

Elliott joined HSBC in August 2016 as a graduate within Retail Banking & Wealth Management and transitioned into Corporate Banking in 2019 where he is responsible for implementing large-scale workflow tools. Previously, Elliott started his career in 2010 at Santander UK within the branch network and Mercedes Formula 1 in 2014.


Elliott is a member of the Ability Employee Resource Group (ERG) at HSBC UK as the Co-Neurodiversity Lead which oversees a group of Neurodiversity Champions supporting colleagues, customers and business lines.


Elliott is a strong advocate of inclusion and enjoys managing the people elements of the business both internally and with clients and external stakeholders. He also currently holds a BA (Hons) International Banking and Finance from Sheffield Hallam University.


Creating a Culture of Dyslexia Inclusion

Gamiel Yafai, Managing Director at Diversity Marketplace

3:00pm - 3:40pm

Gamiel Yafai is a Diversity & Inclusion Strategist who has been supporting organisations and individuals on their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey for over 20 years. He is the recipient of the Global Diversity Leadership Award presented by the Global HRD Congress and a Global Goodwill Ambassador. He received the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire's Award in recognition of his commitment and dedication to improving understanding of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion across the Milton Keynes Community, working with clients, locally, nationally and internationally.


Gamiel is the Co-Author of 'Demystifying Diversity’ and ‘Yemen Proud’. He has also written numerous articles on diversity published in various publications including People Management and The British Medical Journal. He is also an Ambassador for Hunger Project, Trustee for the Parks Trust and Women Leaders UK.

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